Dear Leadership Florida Family,
Yes, I use the term “family” because that’s what Leadership Florida is. I always thought of us as a family, but it was solidified this past weekend as I witnessed the unbelievable communications on social media before, during, and after Hurricane Irma’s impacts. I observed offers of help, status updates, and marking “safe” status among Leadership Florida members throughout social media channels. The heartfelt messages between classmates and the membership at large brought a smile to my face, and at times, a tear to my eye. During the storm, my thoughts and prayers were with each of you. For those who evacuated, I hope you are home safe and sound. And, for those who stayed, I hope you weathered the storm well.
It seems like only days ago our Chair, Beth Kigel, and I were sending you a message of how to assist Texas in their time of need. And now here we are, in our time of need. We at Leadership Florida want to be a messenger of support, especially for the best ways to help, because we now must focus on rebuilding Florida.
Here are a few ways to show support and send important acts of kindness to our fellow Floridians.
Cash is Always Best
Financial help is critically needed and provides assistance to the most people in the fastest and most efficient manner. The Florida Disaster Fund has been activated and is approved by the State of Florida. It is administered by the Volunteer Florida Foundation. See more here: Florida Disaster Fund
The American Red Cross and Salvation Army are both widely recognizable relief organizations and welcome support. Contributions can be made specifically for Hurricane Irma relief through each organizations website:
Red Cross Hurricane Irma Donations
Salvation Army Hurricane Irma Donation
If you would like to find a different organization to work through, please visit the Florida Voluntary Organizations Active in Disasters (FLVOAD) found HERE. Or select any relief organization you know and trust like local relief efforts in your own community!
To Volunteer
Governor Rick Scott (Executive Class VI) has urged individuals to volunteer during this time. If you are available, please consider volunteering in your community or communities around the state that need it most. Visit Volunteer Florida to find out how: Volunteer Florida – Hurricane Irma  
Leadership Florida Strong
We want to see your support. If you are moved to volunteer and help your fellow Floridians, show us!  Post your efforts on social media with the hashtag #LeadershipFloridaStrong, and let’s show the world how we come together in times of need.
Leadership Florida would like to thank every person who has helped, prayed, volunteered and kept Florida in their thoughts as we went through this dangerous storm. It will not be over until everyone in Florida is made whole as best as possible.
Thank you Leadership Florida for caring!


Wendy Spencer
President and CEO
Leadership Florida




Attention Leadership Florida Members, 
Hurricane Harvey, a natural disaster of epic proportion, has impacted the state of Texas in what has been recorded as catastrophic damage with short and long term impacts. 
Please visit the organizations listed below and find out how you can help.