Leadership Team


In addition to our Board of Directors, our Leadership Team is comprised of all of Leadership Florida's statewide committee chairs and Regional Council members. Members of the Leadership Team serve as liaisons between the full membership and the Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting Committee Co-Chairs

  • Betty Lowery, Cornerstone 21, Manager, Corporate Citizenship, Disney
  • Beth Smith, Connect 7, Government and Education Manager, CIGNA

Awards Committee Chair

  • Audrey Ring, Cornerstone 23, Audrey Ring Consulting

2018-2019 Statewide Awards Committee

Region Awards Chairs:


  • Mark Bubriski, Connect 4, Dir. Public Affairs, Florida Power & Light Company (Northwest)
  • Jason Dimitris, Cornerstone 29, Judge, Miami-Dade Circuit Court (Southeast)
  • Cleveland Ferguson, Cornerstone 33, SVP/Chief Administrative Officer, Jacksonville Transportation Authority (Northeast)
  • Adam Fetterman, Cornerstone 36, General Counsel, St. Lucie Sheriff’s Office (Gulfstream)
  • Tammy Hall, Cornerstone 30, Director of Marketing, CFS Roofing Services, LLC (Southwest)
  • Christine Johnson, Cornerstone 34, President, Conservation Foundation of the Gulf Coast (Calusa)
  • Michael Kamprath, Connect 8, Assistant General Counsel, Hillsborough Aviation Authority (West Central)
  • Diane O’Dell, Cornerstone 34, VP Community & Diversity Relations, Universal Orlando (East Central)
  • Dionne Polite, Cornerstone 36, Manager of State Operations, AARP (Gold Coast)


Committee Members:


  • Gary Arenson, Cornerstone 14, President, Arenson & Sandhouse, P.A. (Gold Coast)
  • Leonard Burke, Connect 8, Director of Asset Management, Tampa Housing Authority (West Central)
  • Donald S. Calder, Cornerstone 5, CEO/President, InVision Strategies & Donald S. Calder, PA CPA (Gold Coast)
  • Lauren Fallick, Connect 3, Attorney/Partner, Haber Law, P.A., (Southeast)
  • Kate Grangard, Cornerstone 35, CFO & COO, Gehring Group (Gulfstream)
  • Ashton Hayward, Cornerstone 36, President, Andrews Research & Education Foundation (Northwest)
  • Travis Proctor, Cornerstone 36, CEO, Artemis IT (East Central)
  • Nan Rothstein, College 4, Attorney, AG Adams Law (Northeast)
  • Pam Truitt, Cornerstone 26 (Calusa)
  • Ofelia “Ofie” Utset, Cornerstone 34, President, Deluge Biotechnologies (Gulfstream)
  • Pete Zimek, Connect 1, President/CEO, iLS network & Novi AMS (East Central)

Audit Committee Chair

  • Justin Thames, Connect 7, Director of Governmental Affairs, Florida Institute of CPAs

Communications Committee Co-Chairs

  • Christina Gomez Pina, Cornerstone 34, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Baptist Health South
  • Caryn Lavernia, Connect 8, Assistant Vice President for Engagement, Florida International University

Connect Class Chair

  • Glen Bishop, Connect 8, Owner/Principal, GBE

Cornerstone Class Chair

  • Derek Bruce, Cornerstone 22, Shareholder, Gunster

Debate Committee Co-Chairs

  • Dave Aronberg, Cornerstone 26, State Attorney, Palm Beach County
  • Beth Kigel, Cornerstone 29, President and CEO, Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce

Development Committee Chair

  • Jennifer Grove, Cornerstone 33, Vice President of External Relations, Baptist Health Care

Education Program

Leadership Florida Education Class 4 

  • Paul Burns, Program Chair, Education 2, Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality, FL Dept. of Education
  • Commissioner Pam Stewart, Program Chair Ex-officio, Commissioner of the Florida Department of Education

Advisory Committee

  • Mandy Clark, Advisor, Education 2, Consulting, Jacksonville Public Education Fund
  • Charles Hokanson, Advisor, Cornerstone 36, Sr. VP, Florida Community Engagement, Helios Education Foundation 
  • Radha Rangarajan, Advisor, Senior Program Officer, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

General Education Advisors for Cornerstone and Connect

  • Dianne Jacob, Cornerstone 18 and Education 3, Sr. V.P. Community Relations, PNC Bank
  • Phil Poekert, Connect 6 and Education 3, Director, UF Lastinger Center

Finance Committee Chair

  • Dominic Calabro, Cornerstone 4, President & CEO, Florida TaxWatch, Inc.

Governance Committee Chair

  • Greg Haile, Cornerstone 30, President, Broward College

London Committee Co-Chairs

  • Deborah Curry, Cornerstone 32, CEO, Florida Institute of CPAs
  • Carlos Orta, Cornerstone 15, Vice President, Corporate Affairs Carnival Cruise Lines

Member Services Chair

  • Mike Freed, Cornerstone 33, Shareholder, Gunster

Recruitment Committee Co-Chairs

  • Randall Vitale, Cornerstone 32, President, Hoffman's Chocolates
  • Phillip Lloyd Hamilton, Connect 7, Director, Outreach & Program Development, Florida International University

Program Committee Chair

  • Nicole Washington, Connect 7, Education Consultant
Committee Members:
  • Doug Bartel, Cornerstone 35, Senior Dir. Business Development, Florida Blue
  • Safiya Brea, Connect 8, Shareholder, Chen Moore & Associates 
  • Ashley Brown, Cornerstone 31, CEO, Women’s Resource Center
  • Gretchen Clarke, Connect 7, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances, AppRiver
  • Jeff Johnson, Cornerstone 32, State Director, AARP
  • Ryan King, Connect 7, Senior Revenue Management Analyst, Hertz Corporation
  • Nan Rothstein, CLF 4, Attorney 
  • Frank Rygiel, Cornerstone 35, V.P. Walbridge, Florida Group
  • Bill Shepherd, Cornerstone 36, Attorney, Holland & Knight 
  • Michelle Strenth, Cornerstone 36, Gov’t Relations Director, Orlando Health

Leadership Florida Connect Board of Governors

  • Terin Barbas Cremer, Connect Chair, Connect 3, Managing Partner, Barbas Cremer PLLC 
  • Andrew Fay, Chair-Elect, Connect 4, Assistant Attorney General, Office of the Attorney General
  • Marvin Wilmoth, Past Chair/Nominating, Connect 6, Senior Vice President of Development, Housing Trust Group 
  • Kristi Brandon, Class Representative, Connect 8, Chief Development Officer, Hubbard House
  • Glen Bishop, Class Program Chair, Connect 8, Owner/Principal, Gbe
  • Imran Siddiqui, Selection Chair, Connect 8, President, Siddiqui Strategies
  • Phillip Lloyd Hamilton, Recruitment Chair, Connect 7, Director, Outreach & Program Development, Florida International University
  • Jordan Jiloty, At-Large Selected by Chair, Connect 8, Senior Director, Public and Government Affairs, NASCAR
  • Rachael Kobb, At-Large Selected by Chair, Connect 8, Government Relations Manager, Orlando Health

Strategic Planning Committee

  • Chair: Mike Freed, Cornerstone 33, Shareholder, Gunster 
  • Glen Bishop, Connect 8, Owner/Principal, GBE
  • Ashley Brown, Cornerstone 31, President and CEO, Women's Resource Center
  • Rena Coughlin, Honorary Member, CEO and President, Nonprofit Center of Northeast Florida
  • Al Dotson, Executive 10, Managing Partner-Elect, Bilzin Sumberg
  • Jason Emmett, Executive 10, President, Duffy's Management
  • Adriana Ficano, Connect 6, Associate Vice President of Corporate and Community Relations, Broward College
  • Jim Gilmore, Jr., Cornerstone 29, Partner, Gilmore Hagan Partners
  • Tony Jenkins, Cornerstone 21, Market President, Central Florida, Florida Blue
  • Beth Kigel, Cornerstone 29, President and CEO, Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce
  • Felecia King, Education 3, Educator, Lockhart Elementary Magnet Hillsborough
  • Michael Munz, Cornerstone 32, Partner, The Dalton Agency
  • Jennifer Newton, Connect 8, Director of Consumer Financial Services Compliance, Kaufman Rossin 
  • Debra Pace, Education 3, Superintendent, Osceola
  • Pam Peters, Cornerstone 24, Retired
  • Avis Proctor, Cornerstone 36, North Campus President, Broward College
  • Madeline Pumariega, Cornerstone 33, Chancellor, Florida College System
  • Pam Rauch, Cornerstone 27, Vice President of External Affairs and Economic Development, Florida Power and Light
  • Ryan Reiter, Connect 8, Director of Government Affairs, Kaufman Lynn Construction
  • Katrina Rolle, Cornerstone 31, President and CEO, United Way of the Big Bend
  • Bill Shepherd, Cornerstone 36, Partner, Holland and Knight
  • John Streitmatter, Cornerstone 23, Director, Leadership Research Institute
  • Mario Trueba, Cornerstone 19, CEO, iBERIABANK
  • Randall Vitale, Cornerstone 32, President, Hoffman's Chocolates
  • Allen Weiss, Cornerstone 20, President and CEO, NCH Healthcare System

Calusa Regional Council

  • Chair: Rick Bisio, Cornerstone 34, Owner, The Educated Franchisee
  • Mike Bennett, Cornerstone 36, Supervisor of Elections, Manatee
  • Jaymie Carter, Cornerstone 36, Realtor, Michael Saunders & Co.
  • John Horne, Cornerstone 28, Owner, Anna Maria Oyster Bar
  • Branan Jacobs, Connect 8, Director of Communications, MagnifyGood
  • Nick Owens, Connect 4, Marketing & Software Director, POP Yachts & POP RVs
  • Geri Waksler, Cornerstone 33, Of Counsel, McCrory Law Firm
  • Teresa Rawe, Cornerstone 36, Emergency Dept. Medical Director

East Central Regional Council

  • Chair: Kari Conley, Cornerstone 32, Director of Community Relations, Orlando Health
  • Glenn Adams, Cornerstone 35, Executive Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Christopher Dawson, Connect 6, Associate, GrayRobinson
  • Mara Frazier, Cornerstone 36, VP, Community Affairs & Westgate Foundation, Westgate Resorts
  • Lori Johnson, Cornerstone 36, General Manager, Edelman
  • Troy McNichols, Cornerstone 36, VP, External Affairs, AT&T
  • Diane O'Dell, Cornerstone 34, VP, Community & Diversity Relations, Universal Orlando
  • Megan Almasi, Connect 8, Community Relations Manager, Orlando Health

Gold Coast Regional Council

  • Chair: Tim Hogans, Connect 6, External Affairs Manager, Florida Power & Light
  • Terry Frank, Cornerstone 36, Director of Marketing and Strategic Projects, BBX Capital
  • Shevrin Jones, Cornerstone 32, State Representative, District 101, Florida House of Representatives
  • Raymond Monteleone, Cornerstone 4, Founding President & Partner, Paladin Global Partners
  • Jennifer O'Flannery Anderson, Cornerstone 26, Vice President, Advancement & Community Relations, Nova Southeastern University
  • Gary I. Resnick, Cornerstone 35, Attorney/Mayor, GrayRobinson
  • Dionne Polite, Cornerstone 36, Manager of State Operations, AARP
  • Maggie Gunther, Connect 6, Dir. of Communications, Greater Ft. Lauderdale Alliance

Gulfstream Regional Council

  • Chair: Sarah Alsofrom, Cornerstone 32, Director of Community Relations, GL Homes
  • Thomas Bean, Connect 5, Director of Public & Community Engagement, Florida Power & Light
  • Gregory Brostowicz, Connect 6, Assoc. Director, Executive & Employee Comm., United Technologies
  • Adam Fetterman, Cornerstone 36, General Counsel, St. Lucie Sheriff's Office
  • George Forman, Cornerstone 36, Chief Operating Officer, Palm Beach Sheriff's Office
  • Sarah Gatewood, Connect 8, Principal Comm. Specialist, Public Affairs, Florida Power & Light
  • Noemi Coltea, Connect 3, COO Strategy & Development, MDS On Demand
  • Renee Layman, Cornerstone 36, Chief Executive Officer, Center for Child Counseling

Northeast Regional Council

  • Chair: Virginia Hall, Cornerstone 35, Senior Director, Advocacy and Community Engagement, St. Vincent’s HealthCare
  • Cleveland Ferguson, Cornerstone 33, Vice President - Administration, Jacksonville Transportation Authority
  • Gary Flower, Cornerstone 19, Judge, Fourth Judicial Court
  • Maggie Hightower, Connect 3, Chief Philanthropy Officer, Nemours
  • Patrick Kilbane, Cornerstone 35, General Counsel & Wealth Advisor, Ullmann Brown Wealth Advisors
  • Lauren Purdy, Connect 8, Attorney, Gunster
  • Chad Labenz, Cornerstone 34, Vice President, Wealth Management Advisor, Bank of America
  • Gordon Bailey, Cornerstone 36, V.P. Public Affairs/Community Engagement, Florida Blue

Northwest Regional Council

  • Chair: Lila Jaber, Cornerstone 23, Shareholder, Gunster
  • Mark Bubriski, Connect 4, Director of Public Affairs, Florida Power & Light Company
  • Gus Corbella, Cornerstone 34, Sr. Dir. of Government Law & Policy, Greenberg Traurig
  • Virginia Dailey, Cornerstone 25, Panza, Maurer & Maynard P.A.
  • Allison Hill, Cornerstone 36, SVP Baptist Health Care; Pres/CEO Lakeview Center, Lakeview Center, Inc.
  • MaryRose Sirianni, Cornerstone 35, External Affairs Manager, AT&T
  • Saralyn Grass, Connect 8, CEO, Association of Early Learning
  • Jim Murdaugh, Executive Class 7, President, Tallahassee Community College

Southeast Regional Council

  • Chair: Alex Dominguez, Connect 6, Regional Director, AT&T
  • Brian Goldmeier, Connect 5, Principal, BYG Strategies
  • Saif Ishoof, Cornerstone 28, V.P. Engagement, Florida International University
  • Elena Otero, Connect 8, Attorney, Holland & Knight
  • Matt Pinzur, Cornerstone 36, VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Jackson Health System
  • Danielle Price, Cornerstone 32, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Adriene McCoy, Cornerstone 36, V.P. & Chief HR, Baptist Health South FL
  • Jason Dimitris, Cornerstone 29, Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge

Southwest Regional Council

  • Chair: Kerry Geroy, Cornerstone 29, Principal, Naples Global Advisors
  • Tammy Hall, Cornerstone 30, Director of Marketing, CFS Roofing Services
  • Tony Lee, Connect 7, Director of Major Gifts, Florida Gulf Coast University
  • Jaime Lopez, Connect 8, Financial Analyst, Barron Collier Companies
  • Michelle McLeod, Cornerstone 36, Naples City Council Member, Naples City Council
  • Neale Montgomery, Cornerstone 28, Attorney/Partner, Pavese Law Firm
  • Julie Schmelzle, Cornerstone 36, Senior Vice President, Bank of America
  • Sabra Smith, Cornerstone 32, Vice President, London Bay Homes

West Central Regional Council

  • Chair: Karen Arnold, Cornerstone 36, COO, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce
  • James Chan, Connect 7, & College 13, Client Relations Manager, Lee Law Group
  • Ben Dachepalli, Cornerstone 31, Shareholder, Hill Ward Henderson
  • Mike Griffin, Cornerstone 26, Senior Managing Director, Savills Studley
  • Jessica Costello, Connect 7, Assistant Statewide Prosecutor, Assistant Statewide Prosecutor
  • Andrew Mayts, Cornerstone 34, Shareholder, GrayRobinson
  • Randall Reid, Cornerstone 34, Vice President, JE Dunn Construction
  • Michael Kamprath, Connect 8, Asst.  General Counsel, Tampa Airport