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Florida Department of Education

Florida Department of Education

325 West Gaines Street, Suite 1502
Tallahassee, FL 32399
United States
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Hershel Lyons
Hershel Lyons Chancellor, K-12 Public Schools
Abbey Stewart
Abbey Stewart Educator Recruitment, Development and Retention
Andy Tuck
Andy Tuck State Board of Education - Board Member
Dakeyan Graham
Dakeyan Graham Exec Dir of Independent Educ & Parental Choice
Henry Mack
Henry Mack Chancellor
Jacob Oliva
Jacob Oliva Executive Vice Chancellor, K-12
Jason Gaitanis
Jason Gaitanis Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Accountability
Kathy Nobles
Kathy Nobles Bureau Chief of Standards & Instructional Support
Kelly Zunkiewicz
Kelly Zunkiewicz
Marva Brown Johnson
Marva Brown Johnson Chairman
Matthew Mears
Matthew Mears DOE General Counsel
Melissa Ramsey
Melissa Ramsey Executive of School Improvement
Paul Burns
Paul Burns Deputy Chancellor for Educator Quality
Richard Myhre
Richard Myhre Executive Director, Just Read, Florida!
Sonya G Morris
Sonya G Morris Bureau Chief
Stephen Bowen
Stephen Bowen Assistant Deputy Commissioner of Data Systems
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