2O21 LeRoy Collins Achievement Award Recipient:  Senator Bill Nelson

The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who, like Governor Collins, has gone above and beyond by using their leadership abilities over a lifetime to improve the quality of life for Florida's citizens and its future generations.

Senator Bill Nelson has held increasingly important leadership roles for 6 decades, serving our state and our nation with distinction through an exemplary career of public service.  Hear from Senator Nelson through his video message below.

Full List of Nominees:

Adolfo Henriques, Cornerstone Class 14 Southeast
Anquan Boldin – Gulfstream
Bill Nelson East Central
Carey Ferrell – Northeast
Garrett Richter, Cornerstone Class 17 Southwest
Harris Rosen – East Central
John Thrasher – Northwest
Sam Newton and the Highwaymen – Calusa
Steven Seibert, Cornerstone Class 13 West Central