Leadership Florida Application FAQ


Q. What is the difference between Cornerstone and Connect?  Can I apply for both classes?

A. Leadership Florida's Cornerstone and Connect classes are two different classes, but an applicant cannot apply to both.  The applicant's age on September 1, 2019 is the deciding factor for which Class Program to apply for.

Applicants between the ages of 25-39 on the specified date should apply for the Connect Class, while applicants aged 40 and older should apply for the Cornerstone Class. 


Q. The application is very long.  Do I have to complete it all at once?  Are all questions required?

A. Leadership Florida values diversity.  Because the Selection Committee has the difficult job of choosing the best class each year, there are many aspects that go into their decisions.  For this reason, the Leadership Florida application is very thorough.  All questions are required, with the exception of a few that are marked appropriately on the application.

The entire application does not have to be completed at once. A "Save and Resume" feature is available at the bottom of each page and detailed instructions are included on Page 1.  We highly encourage all applicants to use this feature, even if you plan to complete it all at once. 

Please note that the "Save and Resume" feature will only be functional throughout the actual application pages.  Once the payment page is accessed (after the confirmation screen), the 'Save and Resume' feature is disabled.  This is for your security, prevent any critical credit card information from being saved.

In the event that you go past this point, please use this page for payment --> Leadership Florida Application Payment Portal

Q.  When is the deadline for applications?  If I miss the deadline, can I email my application to you?

A. The deadline for all applications is NOON on March 21, 2019.  This deadline time is firm and unfortunately, no applications can be accepted after this time.  

In addition, note that emails cannot be emailed, postal-mailed, or delivered in person.  All applications must be submitted digitally through the designated web form.


Q. I missed the payment page or my payment wouldn't go through.  What should I do?

A.  If you were not able to make payment when you completed your application, please use this page for payment --> Leadership Florida Application Payment Portal

Q.  How long will my "Save and Resume" link work?  

A. The link will work up until the deadline of the application, or until you submit your application (whichever comes first).