2O23-2O24 Communications Committee Resources

The Communications Committee plays a vital role in the organization by helping to amplify our message and share the important work being done by both Leadership Florida and our members.

Committee Meetings:

All meetings will be held via Zoom:

  • Thursday, September 7, 11:00 – 11:45 AM (EST)
  • Thursday, December 7, 11:00 – 11:45 AM (EST)
  • Thursday, March 7, 11:00 – 11:45 AM (EST)

Roles & Responsibilities

Leadership Florida Communications Staff:

  • Establishing best practices for all communication planning and execution
  • Implementing new communication initiatives for Leadership Florida as needed
  • Engaging membership via social media and other outlets
  • Working with Region Communication Chairs on Region social media efforts and events
  • Providing resources to committee members to facilitate achievement of goals
  • Keeping Statewide and Region Communication members informed of events/happenings to be promoted 

Communications Statewide Committee Co-Chairs:

  • Collaborating with Communications Staff on overall communications strategy, brand integrity, and best practices for all messaging
  • Engaging committee members to support communications efforts as needed
  • Providing insight regarding challenges of committee members and assisting in developing strategies to overcome these challenges including future resources

Region Communications Chair

  • Managing communications on the Region Facebook page on a weekly basis. Posts can include but are not limited to: Region event promotions; assisting with member engagement in Leadership Florida projects, such as Giving Challenge, recruiting new members, awards, etc.; holiday posts within Leadership Florida’s policies, and shout-outs to fellow members.
  • Collaborating with the Statewide Communications Co-Chairs and Leadership Florida staff on Region communications plans
  • Keeping Leadership Florida staff informed on Region communications and effectiveness
  • Attending Region events and updating the Region’s Facebook page with content and media
  • Providing Leadership Florida staff with images/videos within 48 hours after each Region event, including member names and appropriate details if possible for archiving purposes
  • Assisting with preparing and submitting the Event Planning form in collaboration with the Events and Experiences Chair for potential region events


Committee members should plan for the following:

  • Periodic collaboration calls (schedule will be determined in August/September)
  • Event attendance as needed
  • Photo/video captured during Region events
  • Submitting photo/video to resources to be shared with other members
  • Sufficient time to engage members through the Region Facebook pages (i.e., schedule weekly posts whenever possible)


Several types of messaging are used to produce ongoing and timely communications, including:


Region-wide emails are always sent by Leadership Florida staff. Region emails are generally developed by Leadership Florida and/or the Region Council and approved by the Region Council Chair prior to transmission. Final approval is by Leadership Florida staff.

e-Cast Newsletter

Leadership Florida’s communications staff produces and distributes a monthly e-newsletter. News that may be of interest to members statewide may be submitted to Leadership Florida staff via email or through an online form at leadfla.com/submit-news.

Social Media

Leadership Florida utilizes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/X, and LinkedIn to promote events and share information with Leadership Florida members. Currently, each Region has a closed Facebook group to share information with fellow Region members. Leadership Florida staff, the Region Chair, Region Communications Chair, and the Communications Co-Chairs will be administrators for the group page. Individuals wishing to join the group are to be reviewed and approved by Leadership Florida staff as only members may join the groups. To ensure timely posts, messages on the Region Facebook pages do not need to be reviewed. Social Media guidelines may change at any time in order to protect the organization. Posts will be deleted if they do not follow the organization’s mission or social media policy.

Examples of inappropriate posts are:

  • Supporting or promoting any political candidate (congratulating upon winning is acceptable as long as political angles are not included)
  • Supporting or promoting any non-profit organization or company
  • Supporting or promoting any fundraiser, regardless of cause, including personal fundraising efforts such as “Go Fund Me” and similar platforms
  • Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and New Year’s Day are the only holiday posts allowed.

Social Media Guidelines

A.    Members are permitted to associate with Leadership Florida when posting on social media, but they must clearly brand their online posts as personal and purely their own. The organization hereby disclaims any responsibility for member-posted content.

B.    Content pertaining to sensitive organization information should not be shared with the outside community. Unless with explicit permission from the member, divulging member contact information or discourse and events in private Leadership Florida programming and activities is prohibited. This supports information in our Class program policy: “Participants in Leadership Florida programs should have the expectation that their discussions during the annual class program and other Leadership Florida- produced programs and events will be held in confidence by their fellow participants.”

C.    Dishonorable content such as racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs will not be tolerated.

D.    Leadership Florida values, respects, and upholds intellectual, ethical, and honest discourse and intellectual property rights of its members on Leadership Florida social media pages and groups.

E.    Leadership Florida retains the right to edit or remove any content posted on Leadership Florida social media pages or groups.

F.    With respect to group communications disseminated through social media where the communications are not administered by Leadership Florida but are administered in a manner that utilizes Leadership Florida’s name, a Leadership Florida class name, or relies upon personal associations resulting from membership in Leadership Florida, the person responsible for the post will shall ensure that:

  1. The communications group is limited to members and staff only of Leadership Florida.
  2. At least one member of the Leadership Florida staff is included in the communications group.
  3. Communications that entail political advocacy with respect to candidates, political parties, or political issues to be voted upon by the electorate are prohibited and, if disseminated, are immediately removed.
  4. Communications that entail advocacy or fundraising for other non-profit organizations are prohibited, and, if disseminated, are immediately removed.
  5. Dishonorable content, including racial, ethnic, sexual, religious, and physical disability slurs, is not disseminated and, if disseminated, is immediately removed.


Television, internet, magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other media outlets may be given permission to cover an event or interview a Communications Council Member regarding a Region event. All interviews must be approved by the Region Chair and Leadership Florida staff. Generally, the Region Chair will represent the Region in interviews. The Communications Chair may request interviews or provide press releases to external media outlets outlined in the communications plan or upon request by the Region Chair. The Region Communications Chair will convey communications to external media outlets with Leadership Florida staff.


Photographs and videos will be used by Leadership Florida year-round to promote events to members and share on social channels after an event has taken place. The Region’s Communications Chair will be the official photographer and videographer for the Region and will need to attend all Region events or appoint a representative. Photos and videos from each event will be sent to Leadership Florida staff to share on Leadership Florida’s social channels and will be shared by the Region Communications Chair on the Region Facebook page. When possible, the Region Communications Chair will share all photos with communications staff within 48 hours of the event.


All communication submissions should be reviewed for accuracy prior to being submitted to Leadership Florida for final approval and transmittal. Generally, the submissions are developed by the Region’s Communications Chair and provided to the Council and/or Council Chair for review 48 hours prior to submission for final approval and transmittal. The transmittal will be conducted by Leadership Florida or the Council Chair based on the content of the document.


Member News form: leadfla.com/submit-news
News blog: leadershipflorida.org/news
Leadership Team Resources: leadershipflorida.org/leadership-team-resources
Membership Directory: leadershipflorida.org/Leadership-Florida-Members

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Online Directory

COMMITTEE: Communications Chairs & Staff Liasons

Tracy Warrington
Tracy Warrington
Director of Member Relations Leadership Florida
Staff Liaison
Jennie Kroeger
Jennie Kroeger
Communications & Data Specialist Leadership Florida
Morgana Nieves
Morgana Nieves
Resource Development and Member Services Manager Leadership Florida
Logan Lewkow
Logan Lewkow
Director of Communications Florida Sheriffs Association
Statewide Communications Co-Chair
James Chan
James Chan
National API Civic Engagement Director Service Employees International Union
Statewide Communications Co-Chair

COMMITTEE: Communications

Jessica Hays
Jessica Hays
President and CEO Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center
Calusa Region Communications Chair
Maggie Gunther
Maggie Gunther
Vice President - Marketing & Communications Greater Fort Lauderdale Alliance
Gold Coast Region Communications Chair
Bridget Keefe
Bridget Keefe
Deputy Chief of Staff for External Affairs & Community Relations University of Central Florida
East Central Region Communications Co-Chair
Jordan Vaughn
Jordan Vaughn
Founder The Devonia Group
East Central Region Communications Co-Chair
Jennifer Tewksbury
Jennifer Tewksbury
Executive Director Economic Council of Okeechobee County
Gulfstream Region Communications Chair
Sunny Gettinger
Sunny Gettinger
Communications Manager Google Fiber
Northeast Region Communications Chair
Ely Rosario
Ely Rosario
Business Manager Jackson Properties and Financial Services
Northwest Region Communications Chair
Javier Betancourt
Javier Betancourt
Executive Director Miami-Dade County Citizens' Independent Transportation Trust
Southeast Region Communications Chair
Alberto Padron
Alberto Padron
Chief Executive Officer Stinghouse Creative
Southwest Region Communications Chair
Albie Kaminsky
Albie Kaminsky
Director, State Government Affairs Charter Communications
West Central Region Communications Co-Chair
Erica Shea
Erica Shea
Chief Marketing and Business Development Officer Shumaker
West Central Region Communications Co-Chair