2O22 Giving Challenge Continues


  • $39,717       Your gifts
  • $24,643      Patterson Foundation match
  • $15,OOO    Comcast Business match

Many THANKS to all of you who donated during the Giving Challenge!  While the official challenge and the ability to secure a $1 for $1 match to your gift is over, there’s still time to support Leadership Florida for this once-a-year fundraising effort.

Click here to donate: DONATE NOW!

This link will be open until this Friday at 5:00 pm. 


The official Class and Region winners will remain the same, but any significant changes that your gifts make towards your Region or Class goals will receive an “honorable mention”. So if you didn’t have a chance to give (busy, forgot, internet down, in meetings, needed to finish the laundry, etc), you can still help your beloved Leadership Florida! 

And remember, it’s the only fundraising drive we do ALL year.