Leadership Florida is proud of all the work Floridians are doing to strengthen our Sunshine State and excited to have four awards that provide opportunities for us to celebrate the hard work of individuals and organizations.

The deadline to submit awards nominations for the 2018-2019 year is March 4, 2019

The "But For" Leadership Florida Award

The "But For" Leadership Florida Award was created in 2017 in recognition of Wendy Walker's 28 years of devotion to creating "but for Leadership Florida" experiences for our members.  Its purpose is to recognize a Leadership Florida member who has used specific knowledge gained and/or relationships built through his or her Leadership Florida experiences to improve the lives of fellow Floridians.  In addition to the honor itself, Leadership Florida will make a donation of $2,500 to the recipient's organization of choice, subject to the approval of the Awards Committee.

To nominate a member for The "But For" Leadership Florida Award, please click HERE.

Distinguished Member Award

The purpose of the Leadership Florida Distinguished Member Award is to recognize a Leadership Florida member whose continued leadership activities, outside of his or her professional responsibilities, have exemplified the highest standards of Leadership Florida and whose activities achieved results or set an example of statewide influence.

To nominate a member for the Distinguished Member Award, please click HERE.

LeRoy Collins Lifetime Achievement Award

In recognition of the impeccable standards Governor LeRoy Collins set for leadership in our state, in 1991 the Lifetime Achievement Award was renamed in his honor. The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who, like Governor Collins, has gone above and beyond by using his or her leadership abilities over a lifetime to improve the quality of life for Florida's citizens and its future generations. The Recipient of this award does not have to be a member of Leadership Flordia.

To nominate a member for the LeRoy Collins Lifetime Achievement Award, please click HERE.

Florida Impact Award

This award recognizes a business or nonprofit organization that has created a specific project or body of work whose impact is currently transforming the future of its region or beyond and has the potential to transform Florida as a whole.

To nominate a business or nonprofit for the Florida Regional Impact Award, please click HERE.