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Leadership Florida Strong - Members Sharing Resources

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Leadership Florida cares deeply about our Members' health and safety, and we realize that in these troubled times, it is helpful to lean on each other, share information, and come together for the good of Florida.  We learned what was valuable to you through our recent survey, and we are providing a forum for you to share directly with your fellow members.  Here you can find the resources and information links you asked for.

We hope that these forum links will be a valuable resource for you, your organizations and your families.  If you know of a helpful resource and do not see it listed, please reach out to Dave DeWall at  Be sure to include if this is a Member-only resource, a community resource, or a unique way that your organization is supporting its employees during these difficult times. 

Again, we are so thankful for your enthusiastic responses to our intitial survey, and we are excited to learn more about how Florida's leaders are responding to the current situation!

Our membership is rich in expertise and resources, and it is important to let YOU shine now more than ever.  We are LEADERSHIP FLORIDA STRONG.

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