Events & Experiences Committee Resources

Welcome to the 2O23-2O24 Events & Experiences Committee InfoHub

This page will provide the resources you need to have a successful Events & Experiences Program by providing links to all resources, forms, and instructions in one place.  

The Events and Experiences Chair(s) will serve on the statewide Events & Experiences Committee.  Each Region is expected to host four to five Region events per year, such as:

  • New Member Reception Event
  • Welcome Class Reception (if applicable)
  • Recruitment Event (e.g., Virtual Application Workshop)
  • “but for Leadership Florida” Event (e.g., VIP tour of a local attraction)
  • Social Event (e.g., holiday event, end-of-year sunset cruise)
  • Education Event 

The Events & Experiences Committee should consider at least one true “but for Leadership Florida” experience. Committee Members may refer to the ongoing Region Unique Places, People, & Experiences List for inspiration. Additionally, the Events & Experiences Co-Chair(s) work closely with the Fundraising Chair, the Recruitment Chair in planning events, and the Communications Chair in promoting the events. Meetings will be held quarterly, beginning in October.

Click here to review the Events & Experiences Planning Guide. 

Time Commitment & Timeline:

September 2023    Plan Region events schedule
October 2, 2023    Submit New Member Event Date
October 4, 2023    First Committee Meeting, 10:00 - 11:00 AM (ET)
November 2023    Host New Member Event
December 2023 - January 2024    Host Recruitment Event
February 6, 2024    Leadership Team Retreat, 10:00 a.m. - noon EST (Virtual)
February 13, 2024    Committee Meeting, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
June 2024    Annual Meeting - June 13-16, 2024 (Charlotte Harbor)

Click here to review the Planning Calendar for planning purposes.

Region Event Procedure

The Events & Experiences Chair(s) will:

  • Contact Morgana Nieves for approval of your proposed event date
  • Once the date is confirmed, submit the Event Planning Form at least four weeks before the date of your event
  • Monitor event registration
  • Collaborate with the following Region committees:
  • Communications Chair(s) to distribute event information via the Region’s Facebook page
  • Fundraising Chair(s) to determine funding needs per event
  • Education Chair(s) on education-related event planning
  • Recruitment Chair(s) on recruitment event planning
  • For in-person events, print sign-in sheet, sponsor signage, and name tags for event attendees (files provided by Leadership Florida staff)
  • Following the event, submit the event attendance numbers via the Post-Event Form and work with the Communications Chair(s) to submit event photos

Leadership Florida staff will:

  • Provide event approval
  • Draft an event invitation and send it to the Events & Experiences Chair(s) to approve within three days of receipt
  • Distribute the invitation by email
  • Distribute event evaluation surveys post-event
  • Assist with vendor payments and reimbursements
  • Ensure all communications follow Leadership Florida guidelines to protect future email deliverability

Event Planning Checklist

New Member Event

  • Have council members introduce the new members (e.g., read a brief bio, two to three sentences on each new member)
  • Select a venue that provides proper acoustics for introductions
  • Display sponsor poster/signage
  • Display name tags for members
  • Recognize Council Members and Board Members in attendance
  • Thank sponsors
  • Share a Save-the-Date for an upcoming Region event
  • These events are intended for Leadership Florida Region Members only

Recruitment Event

  • Provide application date window
  • Describe all three programs (Cornerstone, Connect & Education)
  • Provide QR code with Intent to Apply link (optional)
  • Display sponsor poster
  • Display name tags for members
  • Recognize Council Members, Board, Lifetime Members in attendance
  • Thank sponsors
  • Share a Save-the-Date for an upcoming recruitment event
  • These events are intended for Leadership Florida Region Members and interested candidates
  • Utilize Calendly or similar software to schedule one-on-one meetings with candidates and council members (optional)
  • Application Tips document
  • Recruitment presentation available 

Welcome Reception Event

  • Select a venue that provides proper acoustics for introductions
  • Display sponsor poster
  • Display name tags for members
  • Recognize Council Members, Board, Lifetime Members in attendance
  • Thank sponsors
  • Share a Save-the-Date for an upcoming Region event
  • These events are intended for Leadership Florida Region Members only

Holiday Events

  • These events are intended for Leadership Florida Region Members; guest(s)* can be invited if the budget allows
  • Thank sponsors
  • Share a Save-the-Date for an upcoming Region event
  • Legislative Events
  • Reach out to Region legislators for panel participation
  • Must be bi-partisan
  • Leadership Florida panelists/moderators should be active, dues-paying members
  • These events are intended for Leadership Florida Region Members only

*What is a guest?

  • Spouse/significant other
  • Spouse and children
  • Potential candidates (for recruitment events only)

  1. Events Checklist
    • The event checklist lists all the items needed for the region event procedure from start to finish.

  2. "but for Leadership Florida" Unique Places, People, & Experiences List 
  3. Event Form
    • Once Morgana Nieves, Resource Development and Member Services Manager approves your region event, submit the event form to move into the invitation phase.
      • For example, once your New Member Reception date is approved and your venue has been selected, submit the event form. Within 3-7 days, you will receive the event invitation for review and approval.

  4. Post Event Form
    • After the region event, submit this form to report event attendance, event photos, etc.

  5. Region Event RSVP Link
    • Please refer to the email from Morgana Nieves with your region-specific RSVP link. This will be your Region RSVP link for ALL of your region events
    • You can print out the registration list for your event to have at your event registration table/area
      • Click on “Sort” on the top and selected how you would like to sort. For example, if you select “Last name,” the list will sort by alpha last name
      • To print the registration list, click on the three dots on the top (…), and select “Print view”
      • For printing options, you can select or deselect including row numbers, for example
      • Click print
    • To view a CSV file, click on the three dots on the top (…), and select “Download CSV”
      • To save, we recommend saving the document as an excel version for optimum use

How to Access Region Event RSVPs

Click here for the 4 easy steps to access your region event RSVPs!

How to Access Region Re-Engagement List

Click here for the 4 easy steps to access your region's Re-Engagement List

Region Event Policy

Approved by the Board of Directors on June 15, 2023

A. Purpose
Each program year, Region Councils may host: 1) a New Member event for local participants in the current Cornerstone, Connect, Education, and Executive Class programs, 2) a recruiting event for those Class programs, and 3) a Welcome event for the current class of Cornerstone, Connect, Executive, and Education programs if such a program is held in that Region. Regions may also choose to host additional events for members, including “but for Leadership Florida” experiences. This policy outlines requirements for hosting all Region events.

B. Requirements

  • Approved: All events must be approved by Leadership Florida staff, who will take into consideration the criteria below as well as the Statewide events calendar.
  • Mission-Driven: Events must advance one or more elements of Leadership Florida’s mission to (a) discover and convene committed individuals, enhancing and recharging their leadership skills by introducing them to a powerful community through whom they find knowledge and inspiration, (b) engage Floridians by providing essential information and a meaningful forum for their opinions, and (c) create opportunities for shared experiences that are inviting, inspiring and of lasting value.
  • Cost-Conscious: Events must be affordable and not pose a financial risk to the organization. Events that maximize Leadership Florida’s social capital to keep expenses low are preferred. Regions may seek sponsorship support from non-Statewide Sponsors as provided in Policy 402 on Sponsorship/Fundraising with permission from the President and CEO or their designee. Resources required must be committed with adequate time for planning and approval by Leadership Florida. Funds identified for a specific event must remain in that Region’s account and cannot be transferred for another use without the approval of the President and CEO (see Policy 402.)  The total funds raised for a single event, not including in-kind donations, may not exceed $10,000 without advance approval from the Executive Committee. Region event planners must notify Leadership Florida with ample time to request such approval.
  • Non-Partisan: Events must avoid advocacy, embracing partisan or political dogma or viewpoints or create the impression that Leadership Florida is engaged in said behavior such that it would jeopardize Leadership Florida’s status as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity. If the event involves discussion and debate on one or more issues of public importance, the event must be organized so that (a) the presenters or facilitators involved in the discussion be inclusive of the spectrum of viewpoints and, whenever appropriate, have representation of both major political parties or related entities and (b) the content of the discussion is fair, balanced, non-partisan, non-advocacy and educational (see Policy 504.)
  • Sensitive: Leadership Florida members serve in over 5,000 nonprofit organizations statewide, all doing valuable work to enhance the quality of life in our state. Our organization strives to not promote one nonprofit over another.  Instead, Leadership Florida encourages personal service by its members.  Fundraising for other organizations is prohibited (see Policy 409.)
  • Low-Risk: Leadership Florida staff will not sign contracts obligating the organization to pay funds that are not already committed. Leadership Florida has an umbrella policy that provides basic event insurance.  For venues requiring higher levels of coverage, Leadership Florida may obtain a special event rider, the premium for which will be charged to the host Region.
  • For Members: Attendance at events is generally restricted to members who are current on their dues. There may be exceptions, i.e. holiday gatherings, where members’ families may also be permitted to attend, or when the event is designed to re-engage inactive members. 

At the end of each fiscal year, unused Region funds will be placed in Leadership Florida’s unrestricted net assets to strengthen the future financial health of the organization.  

  1. Vendor Payment Methods

  2. Leadership Florida Tax exemption certificate
    • A tax exemption is provided to a vendor for the right to exclude all or some income from taxation by federal or state governments.

  3. W9
    • A vendor may request this document to establish Leadership Florida's identity as independent and free from the influence of any for-profit entity.

  4. Certificate of Insurance
    • If alcohol is served at the event, kindly request that the venue add Leadership Florida as an additional insured.
    • If the venue is in need of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from Leadership Florida, please provide the following information is needed to request this:
      • Name of Certificate Holder (this is the entity requesting proof of insurance)
      • Certificate Holder Address
      • Certificate Holder Contact Phone and Email
      • Do they require Additional Insured Status


To maintain branding standards, please contact Jennie Kroeger to review Leadership Florida logo(s) and/or Region logo(s) usage.

  1. Leadership Florida logos
  2. Region logos

  1. Are non-members invited as guests to region events?
    • Unless otherwise noted, only active dues-paying Leadership Florida members are able to register for events. Exemptions include recruitment events for potential members or family-friendly specific events.
  2. Online Member Directory
    Generally, members MUST be current Leadership Florida members in order to register for events. You may use the online Member Directory to check the status of any member.  If a member does not show up in the Directory, it is highly likely their dues may have lapsed.  Watch the below video for tips on using the online directory.

COMMITTEE: Events & Experiences

  • Morgana Nieves
    Morgana Nieves
    Resource Development and Member Services Manager Leadership Florida
    Staff Liaison
  • Sarah Criser Elwell
    Sarah Criser Elwell
    CEO Forum Club of the Palm Beaches
    Statewide Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Jeanette Yaeger
    Jeanette Yaeger
    VP Greatness, Inc.
    Statewide Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Christine Robinson
    Christine Robinson
    Executive Director The Argus Foundation
    Calusa Region Events & Experiences Chair
  • Eric Marshall
    Eric Marshall
    SVP, Sales Universal Orlando
    East Central Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Sam Stark
    Sam Stark
    VP, Communications & External Relations Rollins College
    East Central Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Ellice Martinez
    Ellice Martinez
    Associate Vice President, Community Engagement HCA Florida Healthcare
    Gold Coast Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Shelly Bradshaw
    Shelly Bradshaw
    VP, Operations Broward Center for the Performing Arts
    Gold Coast Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • John Muller
    John Muller
    Senior Director, Human Capital Advisory Services Gehring Group
    Gulfstream Region Events & Experiences Chair
  • Carrie O'Rourke
    Carrie O'Rourke
    National Director, Major Gifts & Planned Giving Easterseals
    Northeast Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Mark Bennett
    Mark Bennett
    Region Executive Bank of America
    Northeast Region Events & Experiences Co-Chair
  • Abigail Vail
    Abigail Vail
    Partner Ballard Partners
    Northwest Region Events & Experiences Chair
  • Jose Cueto
    Jose Cueto
    Deputy Director & Chief Project Delivery Officer Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works
    Southeast Region Events & Experiences Chair
  • Christin Collins
    Christin Collins
    Interconnected Wellbeing Advocate Christin Collins, LLC
    Southwest Region Events & Experiences Chair
  • Ben Diamond
    Ben Diamond
    Partner The Diamond Law Firm
    West Central Region Events & Experiences Chair