Fundraising Committee Resources

Welcome to the 2O23-2O24 Fundraising Committee InfoHub!

This page will provide the resources you need to have a successful Fundraising Program by providing links to all resources, forms, and instructions in one place.   

The fundraising chair(s) serve(s) on the statewide Fundraising Committee and is the acting treasurer of the Region maintaining sponsorships and expenses. Responsibilities include:

  • Securing local sponsorships for Region activities and events
  • Raising funds or securing the resources needed through in-kind donations for a welcome reception if Region is hosting a Cornerstone, Connect, or Education class session
  • Each Region is encouraged to host a New Member event in the Fall to welcome the new class members to the Region
  • The Giving Challenge is an annual Leadership Florida fundraiser held in the spring. Each region’s Fundraising Chair is encouraged to play an active role or designate a Council member as the Region representative for the Giving Challenge.

Time Commitment & Timeline

September 22, 2023    First Committee Meeting, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
September 2023    Develop Fundraising plan for region events
October - December 2023    Host New Member Event
January 23, 2024    Committee Meeting, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
February 6, 2024    Leadership Team Retreat, 10:00 a.m. - noon EST (Virtual)
March 21, 2024    Committee Meeting, 1:00 - 2:00 PM (ET)
April 2024    Giving Challenge, April 9-10, 2024 (noon to noon EST)
June 2024    Annual Meeting, June 13-16, 2024 (Charlotte Harbor)

Region Fundraising Process
  • Each Region starts the fiscal year with $1,000 of “seed” money.
  • All Region events and experiences require local sponsorships or gifts secured by the Region Fundraising Chair to cover costs such as catering, venue rental, or valet parking.
  • Consult the Loyal Funders list before reaching out to potential sponsors.
  • Work with the Events & Fundraising Chair(s) to communicate funding needs per event.
  • All funds raised by the Region Fundraising Chair/Co-Chairs must be used for activities or events open to all members of the entire Region by June 2024.
  • Review the Fundraising Planning Guide, including the Loyal Funder's List on page 3. 

  • Vendor Payment Methods
  • Region Financial Report Template
    1. The objective of the financial report is for the Fundraising Chair(s) to track the region's sponsorship revenue, event expenses, and reimbursements. *Download your region template to track and report your region funds for council meetings.
    2. Submit your Region Financial report the first of every month to Morgana Nieves

  • Leadership Florida Tax exemption certificate
    • A tax exemption is provided to a vendor for the right to exclude all or some income from taxation by federal or state governments.

  • W9
    • A vendor may request this document to establish Leadership Florida's identity as independent and free from the influence of any for-profit entity.

  • Certificate of Insurance
    • If alcohol is served at the event, kindly request that the venue add Leadership Florida as an additional insured.
    • If the venue is in need of a Certificate of Insurance (COI) from Leadership Florida, please provide the following information is needed to request this:
      • Name of Certificate Holder (this is the entity requesting proof of insurance)
      • Certificate Holder Address
      • Certificate Holder Contact Phone and Email
      • Do they require Additional Insured Status


Instructions to give online:

  1. Visit the Leadership Florida website
  2. Click on "Donate"
  3. For region support from individuals, click on "Personal Donation"
  4. For region sponsorship support from corporations, click on "Corporate Sponsorships"
  5. Select "name of region" gift (i.e.: Calusa Region Gift)
  6. Click “add to cart”
  7. Click “view cart”
  8. Add amount
  9. Enter credit card details
  10. Click “Complete checkout”


  • Corporate Invoice Request

Send an email with the following information to Morgana Nieves, Resource Development and Member Services Manager:

  1. Sponsorship amount
  2. Company name
  3. Company address
  4. Company contact name
  5. Company contact email 

  • Personal Checks of Region support

 Mail to Leadership Florida, 3500 Financial Plaza, Suite 300, Tallahassee, Florida 32312

*Please note Region name in "Notes" on the check  

  • Region Sponsor Logos

Send an email with the hi-res PNG or EPS sponsor logo to Morgana Nieves, Resource Development and Member Services Manager in order to include them on the region event invitations and other sponsor materials.

  1. Event Checklist
    • The event checklist lists all the items needed for the region event procedure from start to finish.

  2. Event Form
    • Once Morgana Nieves, Resource Development and Member Services Manager approves your region event, submit the event form to move into the invitation phase.
      • For example, once your New Member Reception date is approved and your venue has been selected, submit the event form. Within 3-7 days, you will receive the event invitation for review and approval.

  3. Post Event Form
    • After the region event, submit this form to report event attendance, event photos, etc.

How to Access Re-Engagement List

Click here for the 4 easy steps to access your region's Re-Engagement List


To maintain branding standards, please contact  Jennie Kroeger to review Leadership Florida logo(s) and/or Region logo(s) usage.

  1. Leadership Florida logos
  2. Region logos

  1. When should region funds be used?
    • Region funds should only be used when all of the Region members will benefit from the event/program.

  2. Online Member Directory
    Generally, members MUST be current Leadership Florida members in order to register for events. You may use the online Member Directory to check the status of any member.  If a member does not show up in the Directory, it is highly likely their dues may have lapsed.  Watch the below video for tips on using the online directory.

COMMITTEE: Fundraising

  • Morgana Nieves
    Morgana Nieves
    Resource Development and Member Services Manager Leadership Florida
    Staff Liaison
  • Fred Karlinsky
    Fred Karlinsky
    Shareholder & Global Co-Chair, Insurance Regulatory & Transactions Greenberg Traurig
    Fundraising/Development Chair
  • Corina Velasquez
    Corina Velasquez
    AVP, Human Resources New College of Florida
    Calusa Region Fundraising Chair
  • Jacob Horner
    Jacob Horner
    AVP of State External Affairs Nemours Children's Health
    East Central Region Fundraising Chair
  • Kathy Salerno
    Kathy Salerno
    Executive Director, Community Relations Broward Health
    Gold Coast Region Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Matt Korshoff
    Matt Korshoff
    Region President SouthState Bank
    Gold Coast Region Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Will Armstead
    Will Armstead
    CEO Boys & Girls Clubs of St. Lucie County
    Gulfstream Region Fundraising Chair
  • Jeff McCain
    Jeff McCain
    Director Cigna
    Northeast Region Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Saralyn Grass
    Saralyn Grass
    CEO Kids Hope Alliance
    Northeast Region Fundraising Co-Chair
  • Maicel Green
    Maicel Green
    Partner Capital City Consulting
    Northwest Region Fundraising Chair
  • Gus Barrera
    Gus Barrera
    SVP & Director of Architecture Bermello, Ajamil & Partners
    Southeast Region Fundraising Chair
  • Kristen Coury
    Kristen Coury
    Founder, CEO & Producing Artistic Director Gulfshore Playhouse
    Southwest Region Fundraising Chair
  • Amy Rettig
    Amy Rettig
    Principal Fluman Rettig Consulting
    West Central Region Fundraising Chair